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I'm a passionate and driven professional. My background is in accounting and finance, obtaining my CMA/CPA designation. My experience at the Co-op Refinery, Saskferco and FCC in the finance area has given me a solid background in accounting, reporting and financial analysis. Following 7 years in a Finance role at FCC I moved into a high performing IT area at FCC. This great experience with a world class IT organization helped me to gain valuable experience in IT but also in stakeholder relations, project initiation, business casing and governance related to projects. These experiences all contributed to enabling me to taking the next step in my career, which I am currently in, with Athol Murray College of Notre Dame.

My true passions related to working with youth and my faith took my professional career to Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in the spring of 2013 where I have been part of the Executive Team leading a great organization deep in tradition. I came in time to see the revolutionary PC Tablet implementation in September, 2013. I have been able to work with and direct a great team of professionals both on the IT side but also on the academic side to take the PC Tablet program at Notre Dame to great new levels since 2013. Teachers both have enjoyed success while transitioning from paper and textbooks to full integration of technology into the classroom and curriculum. It's truly 21st century learning and I'm ecstatic to be part of it. My Notre Dame career has seen me grow in the area of facilities management. In addition, being part of the team that is designing and putting together plans for a new school at Notre Dame is a great challenge. I look forward to many more projects and developments with Notre Dame that will help change lives and develop future leaders.