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Risk & Compliance: Wage and Hour Laws Don’t Go on Summer Vacation

Human Resources | Are summer camps exempt from FLSA requirements? A closer look at the recreational establishment exemption. Article by Grace H. Lee From the March/April 2019 Net Assets magazine Summer camps can be an excellent source of auxiliary income, but schools may not be...

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5 Steps to Building a Successful Auxiliary Program

Facilities | NBOA 2018 Annual Meeting presentation materials available to attendees now and to all NBOA members in June. Worries about rising tuition and changing demographics resulting in fewer potential students have led more independent schools to consider auxiliary programs as...

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Nothing but Net: Auxiliary Programs for Non-Tuition Revenue

Financial Management | Beyond summer camps and after-school programs, independent schools are taking second looks at auxiliary programs and their promise of net non-tuition revenue. Article by Darren Dahl From the November/December 2015 Net Assets Sixteen years ago, Nat Saltonstall...