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Safety & Security: On Cameras

Risk Management | Security cameras today cost less and do more. With proper installation and monitoring, they can mitigate risk and head off lawsuits. Article by Bobby Brasher, Brook Hill School From the July/August 2019 Net Assets magazine Feature image courtesy of Brook Hill...

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Your Rights During an OSHA Safety Check

(From Fisher Phillips Newsletter) Employers have the right to be present for any walk-around conducted during an OSHA inspection. Best practices for protecting your walk-around rights includes being assertive of your rights, even when a safety and health officer (CSHO) has not specifically told...

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Safety & Security: Is Security Part of Your School’s Culture?

Risk Management | Spending alone won’t make your school more secure. The most effective security strategies prioritize school culture. Article by Dan Stephens, Invictus Consulting, LLC From the May/June 2019 Net Assets magazine When it comes to school security, I often hear the...

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Cost of Confrontational Active-Shooter Tactics

(from the New York Times) On Tuesday, two high school students in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, carried out an active-shooter attack at their school, killing one student and wounding eight others. All casualties followed students' efforts to stop the gunman by rushing him in the face of gunfire....

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Educators-First Security

Risk Management | Teachers and students should be at the center of school security training, and empowered (not intimidated) for the most effective results. “School safety is an education issue that happens to involve safety and security. It’s not a law enforcement issue that happens to...

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Over-Zealous Drills Harm More than Prepare

(from EdWeek and ABC News) As schools ramp up active-shooter drills, some training tactics — especially those meant to simulate real-life scenarios — are doing more harm than good, educators and safety experts say. Stories have sprung up around the country of law enforcement officers firing...

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Schools Test Facial Recognition Technology

(from EdSurge) The education sector spent an estimated $2.7 billion on security equipment and services in 2017, d espite questions over its effectiveness at deterring school violence. New high-tech tools do make staff feel safer, however. Violent deaths in schools have stayed relatively...

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Safety & Security: Dismissal Security and Efficiency

Risk Management | Dismissal is the riskiest time of day. A few best practices can help schools more safely direct students in a multitude of directions. Article by Mark Ruiters, SchoolPass From the January/February 2019 Net Assets magazine Independent K-12 schools must hold themselves...

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Safety & Security: From Fear to Empowerment: Changing Active-Shooter Protocols

Risk Management | Traditional lockdown drills demoralized students and staff. New protocols built confidence and capabilities. Photo above: Staff and students at Indian Creek School assemble "go buckets" for every classroom and other vulnerable areas with emergency supplies. Article by...

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Hockey Pucks as Safety Measure

(from the Chronicle of Higher Education) Oakland University has purchased thousands of hockey pucks, not for hockey but to fight off a school shooter when running or hiding is no longer an option. The idea was sparked by the university police chief’s off-the-cuff response to a question during...