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Wi-Fi Poisoning Case Resolved in Favor of Independent School

Risk Management | Federal court ruled recently that a school was not responsible for student’s claimed adverse effects from campus Wi-Fi. A strong enrollment contract helped the case. In recent years, some independent schools have faced claims that campus wireless internet has harmed...

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5 Minutes with Constance Neary and Alex Miller, United Educators: Shifts, Not Quakes, in the Risk Landscape

Risk Management | External pressures have replaced operational pressures as top-of-mind risks among school leaders, while sexual misconduct issues continue to reverberate at a national level. Interview by Cecily Garber From the July/August 2019 Net Assets magazine Contance Neary ...

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Who’s in the Room? Calling Witnesses in School Investigations

Human Resources | When a school undertakes a misconduct investigation, deciding who to call as a witness is not always clear. Three independent school lawyers weigh in. This piece is a supplement to the feature article, “ With Justice for All: Misconduct Investigations. ” Three attorneys...

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Quantifying Cybersecurity Risk

(From Ars Technica and FEI) Despite several large-scale malware attacks that have affected school systems and public entities across the nation in the past few years, many institutions haven't heeded warnings about beefing up cybersecurity and addressing system vulnerabilities. Yet, these...

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Junkyard or Playground?

(From The New York Times) Kids get to play freely in The Yard, a new "adventure playground" on New York’s Governors Island. One of only about 1,000 such play yards in the world, it is filled with what looks like junk — old keyboards, mud, wood planks, signboards, broken mannequins, packing...

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Mission & Motivation: Who Manages Risk at Your School?

Risk Management | Given the emergence of new risks and the evolving school operating environment, now could be the time to revisit your organizational structure and carve out the resources to add a new position. Article by Simon Parker, Ashbury College From the May/June 2019 Net...

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Rules for Handling K-12 Sexual Misconduct Allegations in Debate

(from the New York Times) U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is working to overhaul federal rules on sexual misconduct that will impact not only college campuses, but also public elementary and secondary schools, where Title IX also applies. DeVos is seeking to put into place more protections...

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Under Pressure: Student Mental Health

Risk Management | Rising toll of student stress, anxiety and depression adds to urgency of schools’ risk-mitigation practices. Article by Donna Davis From the May/June 2019 Net Assets magazine Junior and senior year are filled with college admission preparations — fine-tuning essays...

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Risk & Compliance: Where Were the Chaperones?

Risk Management | It’s a job, not a vacation. Back to basics on supervision and school trips. Article by Susan E. Schorr, McLane Middleton From the May/June 2019 Net Assets magazine A story about a school trip to Washington, D.C., dominated the news cycle in January, especially...

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Cybersecurity Goes Beyond the Technology Office

Technology | A school’s online safety requires vigilance from every department. From phishing scams to data loss to outside vendors misusing remote access, the digital world is rife with risk for schools. But, as anyone who has ever created policies knows, the users are the weak link. When...