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New Challenges, New Learning

CEO Notebook | While school budgets are likely to face intense scrutiny this year, professional development opportunities may help our schools differentiate and even grow in a challenging environment. Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO I recently had the...

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Strategies: Training Ground

Human Resources | A program that grows leaders from the school's own ranks benefits employees, students and the larger community. Evidence of its success? At least four applicants for every spot. Article by Kelly Sanderson, Woodward Academy From the January/February 2018 Net...

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Getting More Bang for Your Professional Development Buck

Financial Management | PD funding must serve the entire institution, not just the interests of individuals. Real money is at stake. Article by Peter Laipson, Bard College From the March/April 2017 Net Assets Independent schools typically dedicate between .5 percent and 1 percent...

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Ripley and Roam: a Doubleheader that WOW-ed

CEO Notebook | Between sessions at the 2014 NBOA Annual Meeting two weeks ago, I was stopped time and time again by attendees who thought Amanda Ripley’s Monday Opening Keynote was outstanding. Punctuating these hallway conversations were similar interruptions featuring the same plaudits...