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Leadership Traits for a Diverse Workforce

(From Chief Learning Officer) Research shows that women in top business positions possess leadership traits different from successful men – inclusiveness, empathy and a willingness to share power among team members. Business leaders who display these traits are better equipped to lead a highly...

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Rocking in Cleveland

CEO Notebook | As new business officers prepare to hit the ground running, they learn how school leaders at every stage of their career can drive change. Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO Last week the Cleveland metro area was rattled by a 4.0 earthquake that struck...

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Students Reject College Competition

(From Inside Higher Ed) In many communities, the competitive nature of the college application process leaves many students feeling inadequate because their college goals don't include attending the most prestigious of institutions. Highly competitive Palo Alto High School took a stand by...

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Play Is Serious Business When Aiming for Organizational Change

Leadership | Research on play shows that it’s vital to creative thinking. Business catalyst Kevin Carroll explained how productive play at work can inspire business officers to innovate. “What happens when we actually celebrate play, instead of pushing it to the weekends?” asked Kevin...

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Colleges Pressured To Change Business Model

(From Christensen Institute) Even elite colleges and universities are facing a shortfall in enrollment this year because of demographic declines and a business model that is no longer working, according to Alana Dunagan, a higher education thought-leader. This has been happening for years, and...

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Public Preschools on the Rise

(From The Hechinger Report) Local residents are footing the bill for better preschool programs in several cities across the country, drastically bringing down the costs. For example, the average cost of center-based care is $14,208 in Washington State. But one public, subsidized program charges...

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5 Minutes with Dallas Joseph: the Man Behind the Curtain

Leadership | The 2019 recipient of the Ken White Distinguished Business Officer Award credits some of his success to mentors and colleagues. But don’t mistake his modesty for a lack of ambition. Leadership “is something I run toward.” Interview by Leah Thayer From the May/June 2019 ...

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After School: the Woodworker

Leadership | This business officer can’t get enough of wood’s natural beauty or time in the workshop. Article by Stuart Guy, Crossroads Academy From the May/June 2019 Net Assets magazine Feature image: Grinders made by Stuart Guy It all started about 15 years ago with a used...

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We Can’t Do It Without You — Really

CEO Notebook | Opportunities await to give back to your colleagues and the profession while growing leadership skills and gaining a national perspective. Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO Independent school leaders talk often and at length about the independent...

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Using Data Enterprise-Wide

(From McKinsey Digital) An ability to manage data as an asset across an entire organization is key to a successful business venture, according to Anil Chakravarthy, the CEO of Informatica, one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based services for managing data. " The most value comes from...