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Alternative Proteins Raise Allergen Concerns

Risk Management | New products that mimic ground beef are all the rage, but they may pose a problem for those with peanut allergies. Article by Jessica Holler, SAGE Dining Services Alternative meat products have proliferated. Different from traditional meatless options, such as...

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Co-ops Help Schools Save on Food Costs

(from District Administration) Schools are turning to food and purchasing cooperatives to save five to seven percent on food costs. One school in rural Minnesota, for example, struggled to find healthy and affordable options for students until joining Sourcewell, a national public service...

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Creating a Healthy Environment to Reduce the Risk of Eating Disorders

Facilities | Students at private schools are particularly high-risk for these serious but treatable illnesses. By Lesley Vogel, SAGE Dining Services Lesley Vogel Nutrition Director SAGE Dining Services Health is all about balance, but our society glorifies extreme...

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The Main Course

Facilities | Schools uncover new strategies for making dining a winner — nutritionally, reputationally and financially. Article by Leah Thayer From the May/June 2018 Net Assets magazine The Bottom Line As dietary restrictions and demands rise, food service can be a...

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The New Allergy-Safe Meal Plan

Risk Management | How are independent schools handling allergens in their dining operations to prevent tragedies, abide by the law and serve food that is both healthy and affordable? Article by Stacey Freed From the May/June 2016 Net Assets Last year, 16-year-old Colorado high...