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Teachers Help Teachers Improve Blended Learning

(from Blended Learning Universe) The Diocese of Orange County has developed a fellowship to improve blended learning within its schools by connecting early adopters to other teachers. In the ABLE (Advancing Blended Learning Education) program , teachers apply to be fellows, and those...

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New Research in Great Laptop Debate

(from the Chronicle of Higher Education) Instructors often have strong opinions about whether laptops belong in the classroom and frequently pride themselves on holding opinions based on research. A new paper investigating the difference between taking notes longhand or on a laptop has...

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A Need for More African American Male Teachers

(from the Undefeated) A growing body of research shows that African American male teachers are both rare and critically needed in American schools. Since 2014, ethnic and racial minorities have made up more than half of the student population in U.S. public schools, yet about 80 percent of...

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Female Faculty Paid Less at College Level

(from CUPA-HR) College faculty members between ages 30 and 50 are nearly 50 percent women, but only 39 percent of department heads are female, and the median summer salary of female faculty is $4,500 less than that of male faculty. From new assistant to full professors, female faculty are paid...

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Teacher Union Succeeds in Charter School Network

(Nonprofit Quarterly) By going on strike, the teachers of Chicago’s 15-school Acero network took a step once limited to traditional public schools. Within a week, teachers settled with the network’s management on favorable terms, and their union may have helped eradicate one of the arguments...

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Most Education Software Goes Unused

(from Education Next) Most educational software licenses go unused in K-12 districts, according to a new report by scholars at the University of Pennsylvania. Data from BrightBytes, a K-12 data management company, revealed that a median of 70 percent of districts’ software licenses never get...

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Improving Teachers' Professional Development

(from EdWeek) A partnership between three independent schools and three universities laid the foundation for the AP tests used widely today. Collaboration between higher ed and K-12 education has been less robust in the meantime, according to educational researcher Ethan Ake-Little . Higher ed...

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The Frustration, Fever and Fear of Ed Tech

Projections | Let’s take a collective breath and identify technology tools that will work for our schools. Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO It’s never been about the technology. When I first began working with independent schools as NBOA’s leader, every school I...

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Teacher Pay and Turnover: an Analysis

(from ERS) Declining or relatively stagnant salaries in most states are making it increasingly difficult for school districts to attract and retain good teachers, according to a new analysis by ERS, a national nonprofit that partners with public school leaders. Inflation-adjusted compensation...

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Innovative Staffing for More Personalized Learning

(from the Christensen Institute) The Christensen Institute recently released a whitepaper based on research at eight school networks that outlines best practices in personalized learning, blended learning and non-traditional classroom staffing arrangements. Key elements of the innovative...