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Found Money: Untapped Income Opportunities

Financial Management | Look closer. Could there be untapped income opportunities in your facilities, your programs, your operating cash and reserves? Article by Leah Thayer From the March/April 2019 Net Assets magazine Feature image: A chartered bus service brings several...

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Business Intelligence: Member Survey Highlights: Armed Guards and Rental Facilities

Facilities | For an informal glimpse into how your peers are handling a situation, check out NBOA's surveying tool. Highlights from two recent surveys. Article by Mary Kay Markunas From the September/October 2018 Net Assets magazine While BIIS (Business Intelligence for...

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Facilities Rentals: Risks and Rewards

Facilities | Is the risk of renting your school's facilities worthwhile? And what should independent schools include in and exclude from facilities rentals agreements? This information is provided for general educational purposes only. It should not be relied upon as, or in place of,...

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Income Property: The Fine Print on Facilities Rentals

Facilities | With facilities rentals, a good contract — among other details worth minding — can help schools maximize potential benefits while minimizing risks. Article by Donna Davis From the May/June 2016 Net Assets A year-round after-school enrichment program. A months-long...

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Nothing but Net: Auxiliary Programs for Non-Tuition Revenue

Financial Management | Beyond summer camps and after-school programs, independent schools are taking second looks at auxiliary programs and their promise of net non-tuition revenue. Article by Darren Dahl From the November/December 2015 Net Assets Sixteen years ago, Nat...