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Alternative Proteins Raise Allergen Concerns

Risk Management | New products that mimic ground beef are all the rage, but they may pose a problem for those with peanut allergies. Article by Jessica Holler, SAGE Dining Services Alternative meat products have proliferated. Different from traditional meatless options, such as...

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Understanding Environmental Risks As Financial Risks

(from Financial Executive) Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are becoming increasingly important to organizational stakeholders. To properly address them, organizations should include ESG factors in their enterprise risk management programs. Finance executives are beginning to...

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Mission & Motivation: Walking the Talk: Going All-In for Environmental Sustainability

Leadership | The Northwest School’s long-held commitment to sustainability comes full circle in its purchasing policy, dining, facilities, transportation and, most recently, its investment policy. Article by Mike McGill, The Northwest School From the November/December 2018 Net...

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Disposable Plastics Disappear from Dining

(from CR80 News) Plastic straws, beverage cups and utensils are starting to vanish from campus dining halls, part of a wider campaign that has already made styrofoam and bleached paper products rare in many areas. Duke University is among the latest schools to eliminate nonbiodegradable...

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Modular Construction Gains Campus Traction

(from the Chronicle of Higher Education - subscriber-only content) Flexible, sustainable and often more affordable than ground-up construction, factory-built modular construction is finding its place on more educational campuses. Modular buildings go up quickly, once all components are delivered...

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10 Steps to a Successful Energy Management Program

Facilities | From the archives: Sensible tips that take the whole campus into account. Article by Lawrence Eighmy, The Stone House Group This article originally appeared in the May/June 2015 Net Assets magazine Photo courtesy of The Hotchkiss School. In recent...

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Houston Schools Doubling as Emergency Shelters

(from the 74) Many Houston-area schools have opened their doors as emergency shelters for families displaced by Hurricane Harvey as the devastating storm continues to batter the city and other parts of the Gulf coast. Some are using social media to share their status and request specific...

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Build New Dorms? No, Relocate

(from The Chronicle of Higher Education) Campus construction often leads to tearing down old buildings and building new, but an alternative at Goucher College takes the form of recycling. Seeking to modernize elements of its 287-acre campus, the 1,500-student Maryland college is moving three...