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Endicott College: A Case Study in Financial Prudence

CEO Notebook | Can airtight debt management and a focus on student retention help us emerge in a better financial position than before the pandemic? Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO Over the last few months, I’ve been invited to participate in numerous...

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Metrics for the Multiverse: Measuring School Financial Health

Financial Management | How strong is your school’s financial bulwark? Some data points mean more than others in a changed environment. Article by Chad Tew, LearnCollab From the November/December 2020 Net Assets magazine This piece grew out of an ongoing partnership...

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Unsung Hero: Nancy Greene, The Bolles School/Pine Crest School

Leadership | Greene's forward-thinking financial leadership boosted reserves and decreased debt, while improving facilities and expanding risk management. The Will J. Hancock Unsung Hero Award is given to business officers who have made extraordinary contributions to their schools and...

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NBOA Alert: Final Tax Bill Spells Some Relief for Independent Schools

Financial Management | Independent schools might breathe a small sigh of relief in reviewing the final compromise version of the sweeping tax overhaul legislation released December 15 by the House and Senate conference committee. The 1,097-page bill (with a 570-page joint explanatory...

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Could Developers Help with Deferred Maintenance?

(from The Chronicle of Higher Education) Beset by enormous and growing deferred maintenance costs, more colleges and universities are entering into partnerships with private developers that take responsibility for funding and constructing facilities projects in exchange for long-term payments...

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Interest on Tax-Exempt Debt and Loans Could Increase in 2018

Financial Management | Experts believe the final version of the federal tax bill that reconciles the House and Senate versions will likely pass by year's end. Details are uncertain, but it is likely that tax-exempt lending will take a hit. More NBOA coverage of tax legislation ...

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177 Private Colleges Fail "Financial Responsibility" Test

The balance sheets of 112 nonprofit private colleges and 65 for-profit private colleges failed a test of the U.S. Education Department for financial responsibility for the academic year 2014-2015. The test is based on an institution's debt and assets, among other factors, but some higher...