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Five Areas of Technological Risk in Independent Schools

Risk Management | Strong digital use policies, trainings and behavioral standards can protect schools from these emerging technology related risks. Article by David Wolowitz, McLane Middleton This information is provided for general educational purposes only. It should not be...

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Quantifying Cybersecurity Risk

(From Ars Technica and FEI) Despite several large-scale malware attacks that have affected school systems and public entities across the nation in the past few years, many institutions haven't heeded warnings about beefing up cybersecurity and addressing system vulnerabilities. Yet, these...

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Cybersecurity Goes Beyond the Technology Office

Technology | A school’s online safety requires vigilance from every department. From phishing scams to data loss to outside vendors misusing remote access, the digital world is rife with risk for schools. But, as anyone who has ever created policies knows, the users are the weak link....