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The Best Laid Plans: Retirement Investments and Fees

Human Resources | Schools have little time to manage 403(b) plans and employees have little interest. Recent research may help streamline improvements and boost returns. Article by Chris Garrison, Pinnacle Pension Consultants From the January/February 2020 NetAssets magazine ...

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Restating 403(b) Retirement Plans

(From Venable LLP) The IRS has set a deadline of March 31, 2020, for 403(b) plans to be restated on IRS pre-approved documents if a plan sponsor wishes to gain assurance that its plan document provisions retroactively meet IRS requirements. In 2013, the IRS announced a pre-approval program for...

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403(b) Compliance: Avoid These Jams

Human Resources | 2020 is years away, but now is the time for schools to ensure 403(b) plan compliance — on paper as well as operationally. It’s time for schools to take action in regard to employees' retirement plans, Kaye Steele, president and founder of Access Retirement Services ,...

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Hold onto These Retirement Plan Records

What employee retirement plan records must your school retain, and for how long? ERISA requires employers to keep some records for a six-year period, but it may make sense to keep certain records even longer, whether to inform future decision-making or to protect against potential litigation....