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Opinions on U.S. School Options

(from the Observer) According to a Gallup poll , Americans rank public schools as the fifth best option of five, with only 44 percent considering them excellent or good, and nearly 20 percent ranking them as poor. As for homeschooling, 46 percent of respondents rate homeschooling as excellent...

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Marketing Is Key Business Leader Skill

(From Marketing Advice for Schools) The Institute of School Business Leaders identified marketing as a skill on par with human resources, finance, procurement and infrastructure in a recent presentation. Marketing is not a passive function and not just about recruiting teachers or placing...

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Tepid Results for College Alumni Networks

(from Gallup) Many universities boast about how influential their alumni networks are in ensuring students are gainfully employed upon graduation. A Gallup survey of 5,100 graduates found that just 9 percent of graduates reported their alumni network has been very helpful or helpful to them in...

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Managing the Montessori Brand

(from the Hechinger Report) Any major city has dozens of “Montessori” schools, but that doesn’t mean the schools follow the teachings of the method’s founder, Maria Montessori, or feature some of the key classroom tenets of Montessori. Out of more than 4,000 so-called Montessori schools...

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Gen Z's Defining Characteristics

(from Society for Human Resource Management) Generation Z’s birth years are generally recognized as 1996 to 2009. The cohort includes only those who do not remember the September 11 terrorist attacks. According to a 16-year-old spokesperson, Generation Z-ers are generally: 1. Competitive 2....

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Strategies: Tackling a Shared Challenge

Enrollment & Financial Aid | Independent schools in the Seattle area meet regularly to learn and support one another as they work to improve financial aid policies and strategies. Article by Debra Lee-Rizzi, The Evergreen School From the November/December 2018 Net Assets magazine...

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School Social Media Managers Take on Customer Service

(from Inside Higher Ed) Managing a college social media account is becoming increasingly complicated. Managers not only promote and protect the reputation of an institution, live-tweet events such as commencements, and remain vigilant for threats both online and on campus, but also are...

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Unsung Hero: Mike Curtis, St. Andrew’s Schools

Leadership | Curtis used financial savvy and outstanding communication skills to restore his school's financial health in just a few years. The Will J. Hancock Unsung Hero Award is given to business officers who have made extraordinary contributions to their schools and exemplify...

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Colleges Explore Online Search Upgrades

(from EdSurge) Google has announced a new search feature where students can type the name of a four-year college or university and get information regarding admissions, costs, students and more. The move builds on the tech giant's existing work around education information and could potentially...

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A Defining Moment or a Moment to Define?

CEO Notebook | If we continue to define personalized learning by student-to-teacher ratios or class size, we will erode independent schools' distinct value proposition . Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO Many competitive forces are impacting the preK-12 school...