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Balancing Interests in Financial Aid Strategies

(From EAB) Costs for college students have risen steadily while net tuition revenue growth has been low. Strategic financial aid allocation can help offset rising costs. Yet enrollment goals of balancing diversity, revenue and academic profile are often in conflict; adding to one takes from...

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Average College Discount Tops 50 Percent

(From Inside Higher Ed) As college enrollment declines nationally, colleges are discounting tuition to recruit and retain more first-year students. The 2018 NACUBO Tuition Discounting Study, which reports final discounting data for the 2017-18 academic year, found that the average tuition...

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Lower Enrollment, Less Aid, More Revenue

(from the Enrollment Management Association) It took some work for Williston Northampton's Financial Aid Director Chris Dietrich and CFO Chuck McCullough to convince the school's board and leadership that they should lower enrollment targets as well as financial aid to bring in more net tuition...

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Financial Aid Online Calculator

(from the Richmond Times-Dispatch) A private high school in Richmond, Virginia, is simplifying financial aid. Saint Gertrude High School is rolling out a flexible tuition model in which families pay what they can afford without going through a traditional financial aid application process....

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Continued Growth in Private College Net Tuition - and Discounting

(from Inside Higher Ed) Despite increased discounting, private colleges are expected to see median net tuition grow by 2.8 percent in the current academic year, nearly double the rate of increase for public institutions, according to Moody's Investors Service. Nearly a fifth (19 percent) of the...

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Bloomberg Gives $1.8 Billion to Financial Aid

(from the New York Times) In the largest ever gift of its kind, billionaire Michael Bloomberg has announced plans to donate an additional $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University so that admissions at his alma mater will be "forever need-blind; finances will never again factor into decisions"...

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The Financial Aid Conundrum

Projections | How can schools employ mission-fit financial aid awards without harming their financial health? From the November/December 2018 Net Assets magazine Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO Picture a group of business officers having dinner, when one asks...

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Strategies: Tackling a Shared Challenge

Enrollment & Financial Aid | Independent schools in the Seattle area meet regularly to learn and support one another as they work to improve financial aid policies and strategies. Article by Debra Lee-Rizzi, The Evergreen School From the November/December 2018 Net Assets magazine...

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NBOA Partners with EMA toward Financial Aid’s Future

CEO Notebook | Two national associations embark on a year-long effort to help schools maintain and grow enrollment of mission-aligned students and thrive in perpetuity. Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO I know what financial aid looks like today for independent...

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College Tuition Discounting Reaches All-Time High

(from NACUBO) Net tuition revenue at U.S. colleges and universities slowed again in the 2017-18 school year as institutions gave larger grants to a greater share of students than ever. The 2017 NACUBO Tuition Discounting Study showed that the average institutional tuition discount rate — total...