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What Schools Can Do To Support Grieving Students

By Net Assets posted 18 days ago


(From the 74 Million) The COVID-19 pandemic has left an estimated 167,000 children — roughly one of every 450 — without a parent or primary caregiver, according to a new report from the COVID Collaborative and Social Policy Analytics. The report builds on similar research from the journal Pediatrics, which  reported in October that more than 120,000 American children had lost parents or caregivers from Covid-19. More than 70% of children who lost parents and caregivers are 13 or younger. The report recommends that policymakers devote resources to grief camps, group counseling and therapy to support children like Melanie as they move forward and recover. Schools, the researchers say, can play a critical role in ramping up mental health services and mentoring for students.

From the 74 Million

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