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NBOA 2021: A Year in Review

By Net Assets posted 12-23-2021 08:38 AM


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A snapshot of NBOA’s priorities, offerings and operational health in support of member schools during the 2021 fiscal year.

In this unusual fiscal year rife with challenges from the COVID–19 pandemic, social injustice and related movements, and widespread political unrest, NBOA, like our member schools, pivoted and adapted but did not waver from our strategic vision:

  • Strengthen NBOA's community: Foster an engaged, informed and diverse membership.
  • Advance the core: Continue to innovate benefits, products and services that support NBOA’s mission and strategic priorities.
  • Maximize impact: Amplify NBOA’s position as the industry thought leader to expand value within and across independent schools.

This year has shown us the power of member connections, ranging from NBOA’s first all-virtual Annual Meeting to constituent Zoom chats to participation in research and surveys. Through close collaboration and using thoughtfully developed resources, our schools found creative solutions and elevated their offerings in times of crises. Below are some highlights of what we achieved as an association this year.

July 2020

  • The NBOA Board of Directors DEI Working Group gives recommendations to full Board and transfers oversight of DEI work to Governance and Executive committees.






January 2021




  • NBOA Member Needs Assessment Survey
    • 1,201 NBOA members participated
    • 82% of members agree or strongly agree that NBOA helps to advance the strategic role of the business officer.
    • 77% of members agree or strongly agree that NBOA benefits and services increase the operational efficiency of their schools.




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