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The Best of 2021: Rethinking Resilience

By Net Assets posted 12-21-2021 10:30 AM


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While the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions have continued into 2021, independent schools have been working to support staff, manage emerging risks and further their financial futures. Through this, business officers have gained a deeper understanding of how a strong school culture can foster increased resilience and a renewed focus on mission. As we reflect on the numerous efforts, research and challenges happening to support independent schools, here is a look back at some of the articles from 2021 — on everything from tuition discounting to emerging political tensions — that were widely read and generated strong responses.

Four Key Questions for a Post-Pandemic World
What is still missing from our new modes of program delivery and how can we leverage the changes we’ve made thus far?

The Assured Self-Insured
Self-insured health insurance benefits can save schools money while minimizing disruptions. Four schools share their experiences.

Time To Vet a Reset?
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted almost everything about independent schools this past year. Is tuition setting next?

Endicott College: A Case Study in Financial Prudence
Can airtight debt management and a focus on student retention help us emerge in a better financial position than before the pandemic?.

Business Intelligence: Shining a Light on PPRRSM
Reserving funds is one way to manage the costs of protecting physical assets.

Projections: Tuition Discounting in Unprecedented Times
As the pandemic drives more students to independent schools, business officers need to focus on big-picture strategies for tuition policies and other factors.

Post-Pandemic Opportunities
School business leaders have learned and innovated their way through the pandemic. Now they are looking ahead to how that experience helps shape the “next normal.” Which changes to school business and operations are here to stay — and why?

Risk & Compliance: Flexible Work Arrangements in a Post-COVID Environment
Schools are not obligated to automatically renew telework accommodations, but they must engage in an interactive process.

The Future of Auditing in Schools
With careful planning, a mostly remote audit can improve teamwork and more meaningful communication between auditors and school staff.

How Is a Business Office Built?
Results from a recent survey suggest business office staffing is based on number of responsibilities more than budget size.

When Politics Knocks, Answer with Mission
Our schools’ missions and values are being put to the test. They should be our guide as we navigate contentious times.

Strategies: Partnering for Better Financial Aid Decisions
A structured financial aid review process that involves both admissions and the business office can maximize enrollment without breaking the bank.

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