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HR Tech Lessons Learned from Amazon's HR Debacle

By Net Assets posted 28 days ago


(from Society of Human Resources Management) Amazon's recent troubles administering employee leave and delivering accurate pay and benefits could be a warning for other organizations to integrate disparate HR technologies and not to put employee needs after customer needs. A troubling confluence of poorly connected HR systems and apparent disregard for the employee experience caused workers at retail giant Amazon who took personal and medical leave to be denied proper pay and even to be wrongly terminated, according to a recent story in The New York Times. In the midst of the Great Resignation, organizations can ill afford these mistakes. 

Experts surmise the problem at Amazon stemmed more from culture and leadership rather than technology. They say companies going through mergers and acquisitions deal with these issues all the time, but prioritize integrating systems to ensure a positive employee experience and retention. Amazon had managed leave more accurately when it outsourced HR management, but struggled when it brought management in-house, according to reports.

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