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1/3 of Schools Added Admissions Staff, Survey Says

By Net Assets posted 10-15-2021 08:04 AM


(from Niche) The school ratings platform Niche recently conducted a survey on admissions practices and staffing among private, religious, charter and public schools. 44% of responding schools had one full-time employee dedicated to enrollment and admissions, while 28% had none. Nonsectarian private/independent day schools (12%), boarding and day schools (18%), and public schools (25%) were more likely to have three FTE’s dedicated to admissions and enrollment roles. 58% of schools reported no change to their enrollment and admissions headcounts, 32% percent of schools reported an increase in resources for these areas. School size did not have the expected impact on enrollment and marketing full-time employee (FTE) numbers—schools with fewer than 250 enrolled students were equally likely as students with 1,000 students or more to have 3-4 full-time employees in enrollment and marketing roles.

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