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Delta Variant Poses New Employer Challenges

By Net Assets posted 09-07-2021 11:41 AM


(from Lockton Companies) The rise of the Delta variant has posed new challenges to employers, which may include more complex, high-cost claimants; potential for business disruption and increased absenteeism due to "long COVID." As organizations across the country change their back their back-to-office dates and other policies, increased communication is crucial. Experts suggest that leaders should establish a vision for your organization, share context behind decision making, enable managers to ask questions and prepare for different scenarios, and seek ways of communicating outside of emails, if that's where your employees are. Surveys and one-on-one meetings with managers can also help employees feel at ease. Organizations also need to consider vaccine mandate options, mandatory testing and incentives, as well as risks and liabilities that come with policy changes. 

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