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Award Winner Spotlight: Quentin Voyles, Saint Edward's School

By Net Assets posted 06-25-2021 08:43 AM

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Voyles has formed strong and trusting relationships with faculty, which has led to piloting new classroom technologies and continual improvements in delivering education.

The NBOA Professional Achievement Award recognizes the invaluable contributions made by independent school business, finance and operations staff who are not business officers. These staff members distinguish themselves every day and make exceptional contributions to their schools and the independent school community. The highlights below come straight from their colleagues' nominations.

Title: Director of Information Technology
School: Saint Edward's School, Vero Beach, Florida
Years in position: 22
Years in an independent school business office: 22

Return on investment: In some instances, the school has seen significant savings almost immediately from adopting Voyles’ recommendations. “Quen is far and away one of the top budget managers in the school, and he manages one of the most expensive sectors of our budget,” says Beth Zamerski, Associate Head of School, Finance and Operations. “He avidly seeks out competing quotes for items he purchases and forms solid relationships with vendors to ensure the school gets the best pricing and support.”

Leading with care: Voyles remains fully informed of new innovations in IT for independent schools. Through research, thorough preparation and leadership, he introduces and initiates changes he believes will be in the best interest of the school. He leads departments and employees successfully through these changes by providing unending support and guidance throughout the process.

Collaborator and communicator: Voyles is so effective in his job because of his communication with employees. “He actively seeks out faculty to see what works or doesn’t work from an IT perspective in terms of delivering curriculum the way they need,” says Zamerski. “His collaborative relationship with the Academic Technology team further solidifies the approach, attitude and close connection he is known for with all of our professional staff and is crucial in supporting the continued evolution of the school’s curriculum from a tech perspective.”


See a full list of the 2020 recipients and read more about the NBOA Professional Achievement Award. Net Assets will post additional profiles of award winners throughout the spring — check in to learn more about other recipients.

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