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Improving School Safety Amid Classroom Returns

By Net Assets posted 12 days ago


(From K-12 Dive) As students return, educators should be prepared to assess students' pre-pandemic challenges and stressors, the experiences they had during quarantine and the impact of adapting to the changes present in their lives as communities reopen, said Rob Coad, a school psychologist and member of the National Association of School Psychologists School Safety and Crisis Response Committee. He offered three key strategies for mitigating the risk of violence when schools reopen for in-person learning:

  • Create connections with families to identify what supports are needed for their students.
  • Strengthen students' connections to adults at school so that they can share any concerns and allow the adults to intervene and care for a student who may be in distress.
  • School leaders should also create an environment supportive of teachers, and encourage teachers to take care of themselves.

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