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Tips for Preventing Bias in Job Posts

By Net Assets posted 17 days ago


(From SHRM) At some organizations, bias in hiring shows up in the process as early as the job posting. Business thought leader Lin Grensing-Pophal, SPHR, suggests three important steps HR and business office professionals can take to help build a more diverse and inclusive workplace:

  • Start with a broad view from sourcing to screening to skills and personality assessments to references and background checks, and ensure that there is no bias introduced into any function via internal processes, programs or applications or by third-party software or consultants or contractors.
  • Make sure the language you're using is inclusive, and be transparent about the state of diversity in your organization.
  • Consider eliminating college degree and GPA requirements if they are not essential to the role. Instead, think about what skills employees can learn on the job and only list the competencies and qualifications truly essential for the position.

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