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American Jobs Plan To Provide Funding for School Facilities, The Future of School Construction

By Net Assets posted 04-06-2021 05:53 PM


(From Business Insider) Last week, President Biden unveiled the nearly $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan. The package includes funds for traditional infrastructure projects and interprets infrastructure to also mean spending on building, preserving, and revamping schools buildings across the country. The administration will invest $137 billion to:

  • Upgrade existing public schools and build new campuses;
  • Update community college infrastructure;
  • Improve child care facilities and build new programs in high-demand areas.
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(From K12 Dive) The recent passage of the American Rescue Plan may add an opportunity for school leaders to focus on using federal money on construction projects. After more than a year of report learning for many schools across the country, school design experts anticipate the following trends in a post-pandemic environment:

  • Contactless features: Accessories like touchless faucets and toilets and automatic door-openers may become more commonplace as schools prioritize touchless systems.
  • Bringing the outside into schools: Air circulation and HVAC systems have topped the safety priority lists of school leaders, educators and other stakeholders for returning to in-person learning.
  • More flexibility: Flexible furniture to facilitate group or individual activities; individualized storage to keep supplies separate and accessible; and the use of technology can provide for group activities while keeping students at a distance. 

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