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AAP Updates Summer 2021 Camp Guidance

By Net Assets posted 16 days ago


(From Huffpost) The American Academy of Pediatrics released updated guidelines about summer camps amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing that “safe camp participation” is possible — and can offer real benefits to children — if certain mitigation measures are followed. “During the summer, it is important that children begin to reestablish connections with their friends, peers, and non-parental adults in an environment that supports their development while also consistently practicing the recommended principles to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2, including physical distancing, density reduction, face masks, hand hygiene, and enhanced hygiene measures and enhanced cleaning and disinfection of surfaces,” the AAP says in the guidance. Pediatricians can advise families on whether it is safe for a child to attend camp based on his or her medical history and should make sure the child is up to date on vaccines.

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