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Regulatory Update: OSHA Issues New Guidance

By Net Assets posted 02-09-2021 08:14 AM


(from OSHA and NBOA) OSHA issued new COVID-19 guidance for employers in the final days of January. In line with the Biden administration's previous measures, it focuses on face coverings and on employer responsibilities to workers, explained Amber Stockham, NBOA's director, human resources programs. Responsibilities include providing free face coverings — provided daily if they are likely to get wet or soiled — as well as time off to quarantine and information in all first-languages spoken on campus. The guidance also encourages employers to allow at-risk or quarantining people to telework. OSHA is preparing emergency workplace standards that all employers will be expected to meet, and they will likely align with this guidance. The standards may be in place by mid-March. 

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