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Educational Leaders Respond to Violence at Capitol

By Net Assets posted 10 days ago


(from Inside Higher Ed) College leaders on Thursday continued to strongly condemn the violence that the took place at the U.S. Capitol this week, adding to a growing chorus of criticism by presidents and provosts from across the country. The recent statements were much longer and more formal than the initial reactions issued in the hours shortly after angry mobs of supporters of President Trump rioted and forced their way into the building.

"Many of us are struggling to reconcile the dissonance of this response with that of protests that occurred in Washington last year. Those legal acts of civil disobedience provoked far more violent and forceful law enforcement actions. We are left with far more questions than answers tonight," wrote the president of George Mason University. "As citizens, scholars, teachers, and university leaders dedicated to understanding, defending and strengthening American constitutional democracy, we join together with everyone who raises their voices and condemns threatening incitements and assaults on the political freedom of all citizens," said the president of the University of Pennsylvania. 

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