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Vaccines and Schools, School-Wide Leadership, Digital Health Passports

By Net Assets posted 12-11-2020 02:45 PM


(from EdSurge) While the news of rapid vaccine development and approval is encouraging, it remains to be seen how they will impact schools and when. A four-phase vaccine allocation proposal by the National Academy of Sciences, designed to provide an equitable framework for vaccine distribution, indicates that teachers and school staff should fall in the second category, behind high-risk health care workers and older adults in nursing homes and those with comorbidities to COVID-19, but ahead of kids, young adults and those in critical jobs who are only at moderate risk for contracting COVID-19. A vaccine for children may not be approved before the beginning of the next school year, and people may still need to wear masks after getting vaccinated. 

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(from CUPA-HR) Developing leaders has never been more important in educational settings, as circumstances rapidly change and schools must adapt. By developing the leadership potential of staff and faculty members, your college or university can be more adaptable in the face of massive change and better positioned to take advantage of new opportunities for growth. A leadership program can develop leaders at all levels, enhance diversity efforts and build cohesion. Such a program might include ongoing staff recognition, in-house training and mentoring. Davenport University's effort have increased employee satisfaction. 

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(from ICEF Monitor) Given the pressing economic need for international travel to rebound in 2021, governments and companies are working together to develop ways for travellers to demonstrate that they are COVID-free at the time of transit. To this end, several international health passports are under development, all of which have one thing in common: they store travellers’ verified test results and allow these results to be shown to airline and border officials. Products in development include the CommonPass digital health passport and the IATA Travel Pass. With vaccines rolling out in 2021, there is anticipation that travelers will have to prove they have been vaccinated to enter a destination. 

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