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Sustainable Facilities for School Survival

By Net Assets posted 10-23-2020 12:15 PM


(from LinkedIn) "Being a facilities guy for many years, 'sustainability' has always been a green term, predominantly associated with our environmental stewardship -- a philosophy which I highly value," wrote Wayne J. of Duke Energy. "But I [recently] recognized for the first time that 'sustainability' in private and independent education is now keenly equated to the survival of our institutions in the competitive and difficult days ahead." The writer observes that sometimes "Managers and employees become comfortable with resource streams and budgets over time and often slip into complacent work patterns which detract from much needed change in and creativity in operations. Communication with executives becomes repetitive and guarded and can even avoid presentation of critical information which is fundamental to asset management and efficient operations. Without an honest and often uncomfortable look at their operations practices, it will be difficult for any institution to be viable in the days of change that lie ahead."

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