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CDC Won't Revise Guidelines, New Int'l Student Rule Challenged, Operations Considerations

By Net Assets posted 07-09-2020 01:46 PM


(from American School & University) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will not revise its guidelines for reopening schools despite calls from the White House to do so, agency Director Robert Redfield said this morning. "Our guidelines are our guidelines, but we are going to provide additional reference documents to aid basically communities in trying to open K-through-12s," Redfield said. The White House called for guidelines to be revised because they said were too expensive and difficult to implement. Schools as well as some doctors have pushed back against President Trump's call to reopen schools at all costs. 

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(from NPR) Just two days after federal officials barred international students from attending U.S. colleges that go online-only this fall, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made their objections clear. They sued the U.S. government in federal court Wednesday, seeking to have the U.S. Immigration Customs And Enforcement policy reversed and declared unlawful. In the complaint, the schools condemn the agency's "arbitrary and capricious" decision.

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(from blumshapiro) In terms of adjusting to life in a pandemic, more challenges lie ahead for independent schools. The impact on the school as a whole has never been greater, nor has the opportunity for change and improvement. Consider the following: 

  • Business continuity planning: updating or developing the plan 
  • Budgetary impact: reconsider cash outflows and inflows as well as school communications 
  • Teleworking environments and process enhancements: ensure sound policies are in place
  • Advancement and fundraising: keep donors engaged
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