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You Asked, We Answered: COVID-19 Q&A

By Net Assets posted 20 days ago

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Curated resources to help the business office answer top questions related to COVID-19 concerns.  

To put it mildly, the pandemic is complicating most schools’ planning for the 2020-2021 school year. School leaders are attempting to reopen campuses while providing for social distancing and contagious disease protocols, alongside preparing for other very real challenges, including the possibility of intermittently returning to distance learning, financial uncertainties and unexpected expenses, new regulations and communicating with a community deeply concerned about the health of their loved ones. 

As part of NBOA’s recent flash survey, respondents asked for resources to help tackle these challenges. Since this crisis began, we have endeavored to provide support to our diverse membership that will help you make the decisions appropriate for your school. Below we’ve listed some of the common questions and identified some key resources to help develop your schools’ answers.

What does “the new normal” look like?

What steps should our school take to keep our campus safe?

How do I perform projections and stabilize our finances in such an unstable environment?

How do I justify taking a PPP loan, and how do ensure forgiveness?

How do I support my school community during this stressful time?

It looks like remote teaching and administrative work may end up being longer term than we thought. What should we be doing to adjust to this new situation?

Find all resources related to COVID-19 and the independent school business office on NBOA's dedicated resources page


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