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COVID-19 Update: Space Planning Tool For Independent Schools

By Net Assets posted 05-19-2020 09:38 AM


(From NBOA) A new model is now available to help schools plan for how many students, faculty and staff may safely be in a classroom at a time when social distancing guidelines are in effect. The tool was developed by Rahel Rosner, chief strategist of The Saint Paul's School, a grades 5-12 boys school in Brooklandville, Maryland, and Ari Rosner, a current student at California Institute of Technology.  What's unique about the model is that it not only shows how many students can safely be seated in a given room but also where in that space the students should be located based on CDC recommended guidelines for social distancing. By visualizing usable sections of the classroom, educators can then adjust for how they plan to use a certain space, such as if they need additional room at the whiteboard. 

Learn more and download the tool here.


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