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COVID-19 Updates: eLearning Commons, Planning for Sick Teachers, Helping Relief Efforts

By Net Assets posted 04-06-2020 10:37 AM


(from the 74 Million) Time for Kids, Scholastic, Khan Academy and other online learning providers have collaborated to launch under the leadership of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit known for rating education and entertainment content based on its suitability for kids. The site provides students with an interactive daily schedule customized to their age range, a list of live virtual events like story times and concerts, and links to materials for every school subject, all available for free and vetted for quality by Common Sense. Some materials are also available in Spanish, and organizers said they are working to add more non-English resources.

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(from Inside Higher Ed) Some academic leaders have begun to ask how to prepare for what seems increasingly inevitable. What happens if professors, on a never-before-seen scale, get too sick to teach? What happens if they die? The University of Illinois was criticized for sending an insensitive memo to faculty last week that suggested teachers develop a continuity plan should they become unavailable to teach, by contacting a colleague to take over their course, for example. Faculty questioned if it was their duty to make such contingency plans. Some colleges are planning for absenteeism around 25% in the coming weeks. 

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(from the Chronicle of Higher Education) Some colleges are meeting this unprecedented moment with a renewed sense of purpose about their role in the community. They are contributing and producing medical equipment, offering buildings for use as overflow hospitals, and developing food-supply trackers. Tufts University president, Anthony Monaco, has called this “a Dunkirk moment for our country.”

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