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COVID-19 Update: NBOA & Venable FAQs Webinar

By Net Assets posted 03-27-2020 08:37 PM


(from NBOA) On Thursday, March 26, NBOA and Venable, LLP presented via webinar answers to pressing questions from independent schools as they grapple with COVID-19 closures and changes. Jennifer Osland Hillen, NBOA's vice president for professional development and business affairs, spoke with Venable LLP partners Caryn Pass and Grace H. Lee about navigating recent legislation, enrollment and hiring considerations, returning to campus and potential financial impacts.

During the presentation, NBOA polled the more than 500 attendees. School leaders generally feel optimistic about their ability to reopen campus, either at a set or indeterminate date, and to move forward with hiring plans. This correlates with anecdotal information shared in the chat room — that schools are doing the best they can to retain and employees and provide support across the school community.

NBOA members can view the full presentation "COVID-19: Your Questions Answered," in the NBOA Library.

Find all COVID-19 Resources for the Independent School Business office here.


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