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COVID-19 Updates: Economic Disruption by Industry, Admissions Impacts, Stress Management

By Net Assets posted 03-23-2020 12:10 PM


(From The Brookings Institution) Across America, consumer spending is crashing, yet some metropolitan areas may be at a higher risk of economic disruption than others, according to a recent study from the Brookings Institution. Metropolitan areas with a high share of jobs in energy and tourism are most vulnerable to disruption by virus-related demand declines. Agricultural communities are least likely directly affected by COVID-19, at least in the short-term.

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(From Inside Higher Ed) College admissions officers are deeply worried about the potential impact of the coronavirus on enrollment, as more schools are limiting travel and college-fair events and cancelling planned yield events, according to a new study from EAB. Many colleges have been adding online programs for newly admitted applicants or other potential applicants, while others are considering how they will handle students who are unable to complete high school this year due to the coronavirus. Schools that enroll international students said that they are lowering their yield projections, as well as admitting more domestic students to compensate.

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(From KQUED) How can parents support themselves and their families through the stress of social distancing and the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic? Clinical psychologist Lisa Damour advises people to address the causes of stress that they can do something about and focus on creating routines. "It doesn’t have to be like the military, but kids need the world to be predictable more than they need it to be consistently pleasant. Anything we can do to move toward routines, the better," she said.

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