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The Future of Digital Finance

By Net Assets posted 01-17-2020 10:38 AM


(From FEI) What current and emerging trends in digital finance will shape financial services in the new decade? Whether collecting and analyzing large volumes of data, turning insights into deliverables or responding to evolving financial needs, systems powered by AI and intelligent automation are expected to transform critical finance and accounting processes in the business office, according to experts at FEI.

Companies will need to assess if they have the right staff with the right mix of skills, with an emphasis on the ability to adapt rather than perform a certain role in the new decade. In efforts to close the skills gap and attract the right talent, recruiting platforms like LinkedIn will likely adopt newer advancements of AI and analytics, say experts. Meanwhile, CFOs  are increasingly becoming contemporary strategists, technology experts, data interpreters, and digital transformation advocates who can look ahead and plan for the future. 

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