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University Sued Over Political Chalking Ban

By Net Assets posted 01-15-2020 09:25 AM


(From Inside Higher Ed) Students and free speech advocates are accusing Iowa State University of stifling speech by banning political messaging on campus. The university implemented an interim policy to limit chalking, a popular practice in which students write political commentary and slogans in chalk on the sidewalks of the campus, after neo-Nazi and transphobic messages were found written in chalk on campus sidewalks in October 2019. The policy allows for sanctions such as fines and loss of status as an officially registered and recognized organization.

Speech First, a national advocacy association for student, parent, faculty and alumni members concerned about free speech on college campuses, has now filed a lawsuit against the university, arguing the policy violates the First Amendment. At the same time, the College Democrats said in a written statement that it would like to work with administrators to form a permanent policy that offers an exception for political speech and focuses more directly on hate speech.

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