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Keys to Strong Head-Business Officer Relationships

By Net Assets posted 12 days ago


(from NAIS) Independent schools making the most progress in strategic finance have invested time and energy in the development of a strong and unique relationship between the head of school and the business officer, write NAIS Chief Innovation Officer Tim Fish and NBOA Senior Vice President James Palmieri. Forward-looking schools have learned to develop a partnership that leverages their complementary skill sets, appreciates their differences, creates the context for innovative thinking, provides mutual support, and engenders trust within the community. When this relationship is working at its best, schools are able to align their resources with their mission, address their greatest challenges, and innovate to ensure long-term sustainability. To build a strong relationship, consider the following: 

  • Cultivate trust and vulnerability.
  • Assume the best and listen more.
  • Leverage differences.

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