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Best of 2019: From Hiring to Financial Health

By Net Assets posted 12-12-2019 10:41 AM

Best Of 2019

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As you curl up by the fire this holiday break, these highlights from the past year can help you pass the time. We'll be back in January with fresh content on the work of change leadership, hiring millennials, a preview of the 2020 NBOA Annual Meeting and much more. 

A Visible Difference: Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Faculty and Staff
High performance teams of independent school faculty and staff don't merely reflect the increasing diversity of the students they serve. They also bring a greater diversity of experiences, perspectives and ideas.


Top Four Pitfalls of the Hiring Process
From relying on resumes to ineffective interviews, these common mistakes can be avoided.

A Capital Plan: Financing Facilities Projects
From bridge financing to a unique co-location partnership, schools’ construction financing strategies reveal new levels of creativity, resourcefulness and fiscal prudence."

5 Minutes with Grant Lichtman: Is Your School’s Engine Defunct?
The traditional independent school model is under threat. The case for clearly defining, differentiating and delivering a very different value proposition.

Found Money: Untapped Income Opportunities
Look closer. Could there be untapped income opportunities in your facilities, your programs, your operating cash and reserves?

All In: Total Cost of Ownership at Independent Schools
School facilities are notorious for hiding their true costs. A total cost of ownership approach can help you avoid surprises and make decisions that pay off years down the line.

all in

Safety & Security: Is Security Part of Your School’s Culture?
Spending alone won’t make your school more secure. The most effective security strategies prioritize school culture.

Under Pressure: Student Mental Health
Rising toll of student stress, anxiety and depression adds to urgency of schools’ risk-mitigation practices.

Modeling Sustainability: Four Tuition Models to Consider
Changing your school’s tuition strategy may seem risky, but adhering to a traditional model has its own hazards. Four tuition models to consider and case studies in context.

School Rightsizing: By Default or Design?
Intentionally lowering school enrollment may allow your school to budget soundly and spend more time preparing for the future

When Tragedy Knocks: Losing a Faculty Member
No one on campus wants to consider what happens after the death of a colleague or their own passing, but preparing for the worst will help everyone in a time of grief.

Tactical measures can help schools spend less. Knowing when to benchmark — and when not to — can do even more.

well spent

Energizing the Boardroom in the New School Year
Three tips for helping your board remain future-looking, mission-centric and resource-aware.

Data-Informed Auxiliary Programs
Shift auxiliary program goals from arbitrary and out-of-reach to strategic and achievable using data sets and other national resources.

Reflecting Pull: Rethinking Financial Aid
As demands on financial aid budgets increase, it’s more important than ever that aid programs mirror mission, community and strategic goals. Four schools reinvented their approach to make it happen.


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