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Agility in the Business Office

By Net Assets posted 12-04-2019 10:44 AM


(From Marketwatch) As organizations face new challenges and the pace of change accelerates, business leaders must operate with agility. A key understanding of what that word means, or what it takes to be agile, is critical to mitigating threats and capturing opportunities when the next crisis inevitably arrives, according to leadership experts Leo M. Tilman and General Charles Jacoby. In their most recent book, Tilman and Jacoby look at agility through the lens of risk and decision-making, and identify a few organizational habits to avoid.

"In our experience, far too many [finance leaders]... are incapable of creating a holistic and actionable enterprise-wide picture of risk, which causes them to fly blind and prevents them from aligning their goals with risk and resources," they write. Instead, organizations can improve their agility by approaching system risks with decisiveness, analysis and evidence-based debate to create an organization-wide unity of effort.

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