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Small College Rolls Back Tuition Freeze

By Net Assets posted 15 days ago


(From Providence Journal) Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island has announced plans to roll back its popular tuition freeze plan. The tuition freeze was dropped largely because it was making it difficult for Roger Williams to keep up with rising expenses. “It’s not sustainable to allow the tuition freeze to continue at the expense of the university,” says President Ioannis Miaoulis. “If you start a program like this, as expenses start growing and people are getting compensated, eventually you have to begin tapping programs and budgets that will lower the quality of the academic experience.” Instead, the university is boosting its financial aid.

The university is trying to make up for the rising cost of tuition by offering more financial aid and increasing the value of its scholarships. Other policy changes include offering more financial aid and increasing the value of its scholarships; removing the grade point average requirement for merit-based scholarships; and reducing room and board by $800, and working toward eliminating lab fees for students.

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