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Could Social Media Boost Charitable Giving?

By Net Assets posted 10-17-2019 11:29 AM


(from the Conversation) How does social media affect the success of charitable campaigns? Emerging findings suggest that the use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is positively associated with donations. Using linked administrative and social media data, researchers from The Conversation found that the amount of money raised is proportional to a nonprofit’s Facebook network size, activity and audience engagement. Further, the results provide important insight into the use of 24-hour online fundraising campaigns, often called “giving days.” For example, Purdue University raised $41.6 million on its 2019 giving day in April and has amassed a total of nearly $150 million through these events over the past six years. The findings suggests that an organization’s size and ability to invest in social media outreach plays a major role in online fundraising, especially when education leaders invest in smaller-scale, mission-specific giving day campaigns.

More at The Conversation.

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