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Trends Report Spotlights Instagram Opportunities

By Net Assets posted 30 days ago


(From ICEF Monitor) Answering student questions on social platforms like Instagram is an effective way to engage students and convert their interest into enrollments. But are higher education institutions doing enough to leverage the comments sections of their Instagram posts? A whitepaper from The Access Platform (TAP) found that nearly half of student queries to universities on Instagram posts went unanswered — meaning a lot of opportunity left on the table.

The TAP research did find, however, that when university staff took the time to answer students’ questions, their answers, "are 
almost always helpful and really add value – not only to the person who asked it, but to anyone else who might come across it too." Regarding the low response rate overall, the report suggested universities can effectively capitalize on Instagram by triaging responses in a more strategic manner, with coordination across both admissions and marketing/social media.

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