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Three Practices for Leading Organizational Change

By Net Assets posted 6 days ago


(From Harvard Business Review) Organizational change is one of today’s most difficult leadership challenges, especially for companies that have faced failure to implement change in the past, according to Ron Carucci, a leadership consultant at Navalent. Competing priorities, under-resourcing and change fatigue — the exhaustion that comes from excessive change — are some of the most common reasons for failure. These three practices may help.

  • Take the time to acknowledge the moments when your organization has failed to implement change in the past. Recognizing the frustrations of employees can help you build trust and strengthen your credibility.
  • Ground your plan in evidence. Analyzing what went wrong in the past and creating a plan for how to avoid repeating those mistakes can increase people’s hope of succeeding.
  • Ask how your plan for change feels different from past efforts. Reflecting on past efforts to correct course can enable team members to sustain commitment over time.

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