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AP Programs on the Rise

By Net Assets posted 12 days ago


(From Inside Higher Ed) The number of independent schools offering the College Board’s Advanced Placement curriculum has increased by 33% in a data set from 2013-18, according to a new book by Chester Finn Jr. and Andrew Scanlan of the Fordham Institute. The data solidify AP’s stronghold, even as more and more independent schools are choosing to phase out of AP courses altogether in favor of personalized learning programs designed by teachers. In fact, independent schools continue to make up College Board’s biggest source of revenue — in the past five years, more than 1,000 additional private schools implemented AP courses.

As more schools continue to offer AP, Finn and Scalan expect College Board to focus more attention on increasing equitable resources for schools struggling with fewer resources. While the effort to get preparation courses and exams to disadvantages students has improved, they say, it is still a weak link. 

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