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Driving Your Organization's Digital Transformation

By Net Assets posted 07-15-2019 09:00 AM


(From FEI) For companies born in the digital era, technological innovation is vital to informing organizations’ strategic visions and providing world-class services. The role of financial executives is becoming increasingly integrated in companies’ digital strategies, projects Kevin McBride, VP of Intel. That is because financial professionals can lead digital transformation by directing efforts to benchmark the organization against their peers and assisting in formulating transformation end goals.

When creating benchmarks for your organization, focus on size and scale, as well as the cost of finance. These data points can provide organizations with the information needed to prepare the roadmap through which an organization must travel. Once a vision and roadmap are in place, it is important to communicate those goals with members by articulating how the change will impact their roles. This process can help organizations deliver the analysis and information needed to change the mindset within the organization.  

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