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Spam Costing Your Organization?

By Net Assets posted 6 days ago


(From The NonProfit Times) The nonprofit sector could be losing almost $100 million in donations through email appeals because of spam, according to a recent study by Every Action. Although the estimated average spam rate for nonprofits is down from the previous year’s peak, it could be costing almost $21,000 for the average nonprofit. This loss occurs when nonprofit email appeals get flagged as spam by the filters set up by email service providers.

To reduce the chance that your email will be flagged as spam, you can focus on sending email to users who have opened or clicked within the last six months or less and continue sending to that audience. Expand that audience by adding another group of less engaged email addresses and automate email series to provide timely communication. By targeting audiences and focusing on building engagement, organizations can increase deliverability and, therefore, fundraising.

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