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Shift in School Decisions for Wealthy Parents?

By Net Assets posted 8 days ago


(From Forbes) For many families, the question of which school their child should attend continues to be a difficult one, but a growing trend among wealthy parents indicates public schools may have the competitive advantage, says education consultant Christopher Rim. Four reasons are emerging.

  1. Public schools guarantee a standard, minimum qualification for teachers and typically offer a competitive salary.
  2. Although on average private school students score higher on standardized tests, public school students score higher when the results are adjusted for income level.
  3. Public schools that are more socioeconomically diverse also foster more intellectual diversity, so there's a wider range of students in terms of achievement level, drive and skill set. When students are surrounded by students with diverse interests, they are able to stand out among their peers and set their sights on higher goals, according to Rim. 
  4. Public schools in wealthy areas can offer top-ranked facilities and learning environments. When parents live in wealthy neighborhoods, they can see their property taxes as an investment toward their children’s education. 

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