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Gender Equality as Retention Tool?

By Net Assets posted 28 days ago


(From Quartz) Gender equality in the workplace is arguably one of the most important ways to attract and retain employees, invest in long-term financial growth and act as an employer of integrity. Quartz media, the Harvard Business School's Gender Initiative, Arjuna Capital and the James Beard Foundation have together developed “The Pact”: a resource and tool for adopting and advocating for gender equality in your workplace. It aims to guide best practices in three realms:

  • Leadership and culture: No male executive will appear on an all-male panel at a public event.
  • Equity and retention: Conduct an annual audit of pay across gender and race.
  • Hiring and recruiting: In a male-dominated field, interview 10 percent more female candidates for a position than is the industry-average for that position. In a female-dominated field, do the same for male candidates.

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